The Role of an Education Expert Witness

Expert witnesses are often retained by public and private agencies to give a report or opinion regarding a particular subject. This person is an expert in his or her field and considered to be very knowledgeable on the matter through a combination of education, skills and experience. One of the expert witnesses that is commonly used is an education expert witness. He or she may work independently or as a consultant for law firms and insurance companies.

What Does an Education Expert Witness Do

Most education experts offer a variety of services ranging from evaluating school liability to administrative issues. A huge role this person has is providing expert testimony in litigation. This is especially prevalent when schools are faced with lawsuits. School litigation can involve a complaint of a student or work related injury, student or staff member harassment or assault, or a complaint by a disgruntled staff member. Often the attorneys for both parties will usually hire an education expert witness to testify at trial in their defense. Cases like this can result in million dollar settlements and both parties want the best representation. Other types of cases this expert may be asked to work on are family cases where the expert has been asked to give an opinion about the quality and environment of one school versus another.


These experts also provide in-depth studies and research that affect school systems and communities. Some of the studies involve analyzing standards of care by the teachers and staff, ways the school system can improve and school performance.

What Qualifications Does an Education Expert Witness Have

Many of these professionals have years of experience in the education system and most likely have worked as a principal, a superintendent or overseen school administration. Some other qualifications an education expert witness has is a familiarity of the courts along with legal policies and procedures as they relate to educational issues. In addition, a lot of these experts hold certifications relating to compliance, forensics, human resource management and educational safety.

The Education Expert’s Role in Case Preparation and Court Proceedings

When it comes to litigation and preparing a case for court, the education expert will conduct research, prepare evidence and assist with discovery. This individual will have to answer any interrogatories and compile responses to formal requests for production of documents if asked by the attorney. The expert may also be asked to give a deposition. If the case goes to court, he or she will need to appear before the judge and give their expert opinion on the evidence and research involved in the litigation.